I am so excited about this puppy carrier I just HAD to write a blog post about it! 
(and naturally post a tacky mirror selfie because I'm not one of those cool blogger that has a professional photographer for everything)

I have been eyeing this puppy sling since February! I even tried to duplicate it (thanks for your help, Mom!)... Which ended up to be an absolute waste of time, because Mollie grew out of it in like 2 seconds. Thankfully this darling company, Heartpup, went on Shark Tank recently and so they were having a sale (finally). Huzzah! Me and Mollie could not be happier with this purchase! I mean, just look at her cute little face in the picture. She is in puppy heaven! If you have a little furry friend you should definitely look into investing in one of these. 

PS. I didn't take a picture of it, but there is a secret pocket to keep all your special things in. Yay! Anything with pockets is an A+ in my book! 


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